Let’s get deep…what do you do



Someone asked me the other day:

“What do you do?”

Have you ever heard a more loaded question then that? The answer you give, will change how that person looks at you. If you answer that you are a doctor, you can expect respect and admiration. If you answer that you are a sanitation worker, you might expect to get jokes like:

“Boy, that must be a shitty job.”

And certainly not get the cute waitress to give her number as easily as she would have to the doctor. But we seem to miss the point don’t we? The question was

“What do YOU DO?” and not “How do you earn your money?” AAAAA, got you attention now don’t I? You see, Mr Doctor saves lives to earn money and yet he is 50 shades of screw up. He likes to play chock games with a different lady friend each night. He hasn’t seen his mother for years and merely pays her nursing home bill as his way of taking care of her. Mr Sanitation man cleans toilets to earn his money and writes poetry about the one woman he loves and yet she doesn’t know. He sits at night and reads his poetry to the moon, hoping the moon will whisper to the waitress:

“Just look at him…See him.”

He gets up to check on his mother. Many woman are put off that he still lives with his mother but he doesn’t have the heart to put her in a nursing home. She took care of him and he will take care of her. This is what he does. Get where I’m going with this?

How you earn your money should not define you as a person. It’s what you do that makes you happy, that speaks volumes about who YOU are. If you earn money by being a police man then you are a “hero” but at night, you get home and play poker with your buddies. Your wife and children have to fight for your attention. Are you still a hero? How did we lose our way so badly that we think how you earn money and spend it, is what makes you a good or bad person? We follow people like Kim Kardashian and think nothing of it that she is obsessed with herself and how much money she has. But what does she do? Does she help the poor, give some of that money to shelters, write or paint or garden?

I was working as at a place that sells seeds to farmers and was told that retrenchments might happen. I went looking for another job as a back-up and found one as a PA at an attorneys’ office. Being PA in a office like that is sure as hell more prestige’s then selling seeds right? Not to me. I was sad. Yes, the pay would be better but selling seeds made me feel like I was helping some how. Helping to feed people, helping to grow something and I could tell the “new” farmers about organic and how pesticides not only kill bugs but kills humans. I felt like I was part of something special. So I said no to more money and the oeh-la-la of working in that office.

So I guess my point is, when you ask someone what they do then the answer should reflect who they are. My job is to be a housewife but what I do is write, donate money to charity, spend a lot of time checking in on people I love even though I KNOW some don’t love me back. I fight for animals and the earth and I speak my mind. That’s what I do, that’s who I am.  Your job is how you eat, what you do is who you are. Be careful when judging someone based on the money they earn. We have become a very greedy society and this really needs to stop.

Die Wit Hasie


4 responses to “Let’s get deep…what do you do

    • Baie dankie. Die het net na 12 die aand my getref. Ek wens ek kon die foto met jou deel van die scribble in die donkerte sodat ek dit nie vergeet. Kyk, ek skryf baie lelik maar blykbaar skryf ek in die donker nie veel erger 😀

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