To the men of my country…I’ve had enough. Today I am done and as I’m writing this, I silently pray that somehow this might chance things. While you men cry about land, about race and about who’s house (or is that willy?) is bigger we as women stay silent. We are silent about the schools that are not there for our children, we are silent about men having children with us and then abandoning that responsibility, we are silent about the constant fear we live in of a man or men deciding that our bodies are theirs for the taking, we are silent about the abuse of our children and we are silent about the sisters that sit in parliament and in positions of power and steal just as much or even more money than the men. They say hell has no fury like a woman scorned but today I am not scorned by some man that doesn’t love me or want me. Today I am a woman pissed off and even the devil will sit down and be silent for such a woman. You men take and take and take and our country suffers for it, our children suffer for it. I often feel that corruption and rape go hand in hand because corruption is the rape of our communities. While Malema keeps going on about “take back the land” the land we have is not even being used. Just this week Nkandla residence had to as Afriforum for help because there is no school for the children. This is the same place our President build his nice big house.

It’s time to get angry. We as mothers, daughters and sisters need to stop staying silent and start standing up for our country. We must start teaching our girls that there is more to live then getting pregnant young and collecting grands for it. We must start teaching our children that ALL race and religion are to be respected and that caring for others is what really matters. Children are not born with hate, racism and greed. These are the diseases we infect them with and it will not stop until you as their mother shows them that it is wrong. When women unite, mountains move and it’s time to move mountains in South Africa. While the men worry about who has power, we worry about who has food and a future. For long enough our country was run by men and we only have a very sad history to show for it. We might be the weaker sex when it comes to muscle be we are strong in our ability to love, raise a family and keep going even if the world has knocked us down to many times to count. I am not a feminist and I hate that word. I am a woman who wants to walk down the street and not be afraid of being raped. I am woman who wants education for our children. I am a woman who wants to show these men that as much as you are trying to divide our country, we will not allow this. I am a woman that wants our tax money to be used for what it was meant for and not to fund our Presidents ego (my dick is so big that I need a statue. Really?)


On the 9th of August 1956, 20 000 women marched to the Union Building and said “No more”. Nothing was burned, nothing was looted and things started to change. So now, with our country burning and our families in pain I want to know how long before we say No more?

Die Wit Hasie

PS Yes I know, my English isn’t very good



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