Proudly South African, no space for hate

Over the weekend I decided to dip my toe back into the murky water that is Twitter. Looking for info on the Knysna fires and live updates, that was the place to go. I came out of it feeling like a cheap whore. I hate Twitter and I really don’t like that it has become a platform for racist to go big or go home. Heres looking at you Kenneth Kgokane and his like who feel that the Knysna fire is a white people problem and that it should burn. There is no way for you to report people like this and most profiles are fake. One charmer called Yung Sholozi took the time to call me a wit p@#s and is a big fan of Hitler for what he did to the Jews. I kid you not. There are simply no rules on Twitter and you can share your hate with millions of people without any consequences. Yes, taking to Twitter to follow the fire and keep everyone updated was helpful but reading the hate that went with it, made me sick.

These people forget that children have died both black and white. Men and women (brown, black and white) stood fighting that fire. That the fire did not pick and choose but just destroyed and it didn’t matter if you are rich or poor, nor did your race stop it. The fire came and it nearly flattened Knysna  as well as towns around it. What these Twitter raging racist don’t get is that we donated not knowing who gets what. South Africa simply came together and said “We got you Knysna.” For the 2% hate you read on Twitter and other social media, there is 98% of love. People of all over donated and cared. We all showed that South Africa is not lost, that as long as we still have breath we will care and we will take each others hand when things go bad. South Africans have big hearts and despite our history we have come out of it stronger. We as a society need to start paying attention to the smouldering hate these few hateful souls are spewing before we have a raging fire on our doorstep. We should show that you cannot say these things and walk away. This is not a white problem, this is not a political problem, this is OUR problem, this is a South African problem and one day it will be our children’s problem if we don’t do something now.

The Knysna fire showed that we are not far from getting rid of these racists (they come in all colors) as people flooded social media with stories of love, hope and caring. Drowning out most of the negative noise. But still I feel people like Kenneth and his like should not be let of the hook just like that and we shouldn’t let Afriforum be the one to go after them because then it’s just “those Afrikaans people being unhappy” instead of “This country has no space for the likes of you.”

In the end my heart is with Knysna, no matter what race or religion you are. Losing so much is devastating. But my heart beats proudly South African today thanks to thousands of my fellow country men and women, from all walks of life, opening their hearts and hands and giving as much as they can in a time when everyone is suffering under Zupta. I honestly believe that what happened after the Knysna fire scared the shit out of many people, since you most likely thought we were are country divide which makes it easy for the likes of Zupta to steal and take and fail the people. Just think what we can do if we keep caring for each other like we did for Knysna. But first we have to get rid of radical haters. There is no space for you here or any other country in the world. Hate like this is no different then the persons who straps a bomb to himself, just remember that.

Die Wit Hasie


3 responses to “Proudly South African, no space for hate

  1. Jy weet, ek glo rerig dies wat so rassisties raak is in die minderheid. Hier waar ons werk sien ek rerig hoe wit en swart baie goed oor die weg kom.
    Maar daar is dies wat mos enige iets glo wat hulle lees. As die President sê Suid Afrika se probleme is as gevolg van die groote van die klein swart miertjie dan sal hulle dit glo.

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